i don’t know why people are having such doubts about whether the spongebob musical could be any good when other popular musicals are about

•a malevolent plant from space who eats people

•a relatively obscure failed french rebellion that
had a 1400 page novel written about it

•drag queen boot factory

•child laborers going on strike to receive slightly better pay and then going immediately back to a life of child labor (but with lots of dancing)

•mormons doing a terrible job of spreading their religion

•don’t have sex, because you WILL get pregnant and die: german farmchildren remix

•the life of the first american treasury secretary

•racist puppets

•trying to upstage shakespeare with a musical about eggs

•a barber who kills people and gives the bodies to a baker to make into pie

•the wicked witch of the west’s backstory

•fucking shrek

•a town that needs to pee

•I’m Sondheim And I Did Edgy Fairy Tales Before The Studios Did

•literally whatever Rocky Horror is

feel free to continue this list i love musicals but they’re insane