i don’t understand why samuel l. jackson treats his personal assistant like this, like the poor guy who i’m sure is an intern (he obviously can’t afford a good haircut with no pay), is there in the floor trying to pick that star that he probably threw on accident and you have to take a photo of just that moment of millenial incompentence to humiliate him even more? just look at that face, his soul is not there anymore… not cool samuel, not cool.

I literally can’t tell if this is a fucking joke or not….

it’s not a joke, the mistreatment of unpaid interns will never be a joke, that poor guy is so ashamed and aware of his lack of competence, he doesnt need his boss uploading the evidence to instagram or twitter 😦

🙄 you don’t know who that is huh?

yes, i know who that is. that’s samuel l. jackson’s unpaid intern. 

guy on the floor is Quentin Tarantino, he’s a screenwriter

thanks, i had no idea of the intern’s name, but now i know he is quantrin tarantino and it’s beautiful he has a name ‘cause we all humans deserve a name you know, heartbreaking to know he went to los angeles to write the movies but he is on the floor, he is suffering, he looks bad, you can see it, poor thing.  

You do know Quentin Tarantino is an Academy Award winning writer, director and producer, right? Django Unchained, Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful 8, Pulp Fiction, etc. Right?

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so what? just because someone went to some college that means they don’t deserve to be treated with dignity? this is what is wrong with america, interns like quarantine who have no money but still make the youtube movies need support, no get treated like shit, that’s bullshit, where is obama?