a subset of the 100 fanbase hates arryn for no reason other than she tries to keep her boyfriend bob, who’s one of the lead actors, on schedule during fan meetings and cons (bc believe it or not, actors do have a restricted amount of time and they do need to stay on track ESPECIALLY during cons and such) and they think he’s better off in a relationship with the lead actress.

arryn’s a good person who’s always been ridiculously nice so they can’t find any legitimate reasons to label her as #problematic and worthy of hate so, despite the majority of them not even knowing who arryn was while she was dating miles and not knowing what roosterteeth is, they seem to have latched onto the idea that arryn cheated on miles and stole his dog LMAO. even though?? miles himself gave the same story about their breakup: they were moving in different directions as people and the split was mutual.

it’s just… borderline funny because none of them even know who miles is?? and probably haven’t been a part of the rt community at all?? the rt community loves arryn even after she split with miles and moved away from the company to do her own thing. t100 fans literally have no reason to be petty over a lie that they made up about a relationship they never even knew about until they literally tried to dig up dirt to back up their hate for arryn.

and as for?? stealing his dog????? watson was literally always arryn’s dog, even when she was dating miles. i literally have zero idea how they came up with this one. like?? the cheating story is ridiculous but this one is just plain stupid??

tldr; a bunch of t100 fans are garbage and petty about their favorite actor having a talented and kind s/o who isn’t themselves or the lead actress so they make up a load of bullshit to smear her name through the dirt and harass her on twitter