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GRINGO GO HOME: a comprehensive list of (some) of the bullshit the u.s. has pulled on latinoamerica

this list is being published on december 27th; 2014. i’m 20y/o; argentinian, not associated with any particular political party. i don’t claim to know everything that’s happened or is happening in latin america and i welcome any addition from fellow latinxs.

i want u.s. intervention on my country and the rest of my continent to stop; and i want the usamerican people to be aware of the atrocities that your country has committed against ours. 

i strongly suggest thisisnotlatinx and fylatinamericanhistory for more readings on latinoamerican history, politics and why your country fucking sucks. now: the first part of this post is mostly historical events from 20 years or longer ago; the second part is about more recent events.

#murder cw, #torture cw, #sterilization cw, #police violence cw, #medical cw, #drugs mention cw (add any warning i missed, por favor)

 recent events:


  • Para colaborar menciono el golpe de estado a Jacobo Arvenz en 1954 impulsado por EEUU debido a las medidas proteccionistas en el pais que perjudicaba a la United Fruit Company (empresa PRIVADA) // “To collaborate, let me mention the coup d’etat against Jacobo Arvenz (Guatemala) in 1954, pushed by the US due to the protectionist motions that affected the United Fruit Company” – via thehawthornepassage
  • Por favor, no olvides el boicot económico que los Estados Unidos ejercieron sobre Argentina para forzar la caída del peronismo y evitar que Argentina se convirtiera en la potencia sudamericana que prometía ser en la primera mitad del siglo veinte. // “Please, don’t forget the economic boicot that the US used against Argentina to force the fall of Peronism and avoid Argentina becoming the south-American potency that it promised to be during the first half of the 20th century” – via olie-golden-wolf

  • Dominican Republic: Two Interventions and support to the worst dictatorship in the island. A lot of people say Trujillo was the most bloodiest mothefucker -pretty sure I made a mistake in those words but wathever- in America Latina. Thanks. – via juanitastar
  • American invasions/occupations of the Dominican Republic: 1916-1924; 1965-1966 (let’s be real the US never left)
    Also this gem:
    “Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, the brutal dictator who ruled the country with Washington’s blessing for 31 years.  Trujillo used the U.S.-trained National Guard to banish, torture or kill his opponents.  As President Franklin Roosevelt’s secretary of state, Cordell Hull famously said of Trujillo: “He may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he is our son-of-a-bitch.” 40 years later, U.S. invasion still haunts Dominican Republic  – via @212023
  • I may add, in the case of Colombia (-via @yabanned​)
    • After failing to reach an agreement with Colombia’s government about Panama’s canal, USA gave the financial and military support required to make Panama a new country, which is not necessarily bad until you notice they asked in return 100 whole years of profit from the canal, and they incited a lot of corrpution and violence in the process. USA also supports Nicaragua in their fight for the Colombian island of San Andrés, which currently has got the islanders with no sea for fishing at all.
    • Approximately 3000 workers where murdered during the strike of the United Fruit Company in 1928, because USA threatened to invade Colombia if the national government didn’t do anything to protect the interests of the company. People from the USA army were involved in the massacre.
    • As mentioned, USA’s “aid” against drug trafficking has only caused more violence. USA gives financial support to paramilitary groups, which have committed massacres like Maripipan (1997), when more than 50 people where murdered with electric saws and machetes.
    • USA army has exclusive access to seven militar bases in Colombia: Malambo, Palenquero, Apiay, Cartagena, Bahía Málaga, Larandia and Tolemaida. In 2004, USA agreed to start an investigation on their soldiers located in Tolemaida after years of rape reports: the results estimate that 54 underage women, the younger being 11 years old, where raped by the soldiers between 2003 and 2007. Several of those sexual assaults were recorded and sold as pornography. None of the soldiers were prosecuted thanks to the lobby made by USA’s government, it is not expected they get punished by their crimes.

also; as of today, the list of USAmerican military bases; training locations and planned military programs on latinoamerican soil includes the following (sources and readings on why you should be angry and worried: [x] [x] [x] [x])

  • cuba (guantánamo)
  • puerto rico 
  • colombia
  • perú 
  • aruba
  • curaçao 
  • paraguay
  • brazil
  • el salvador
  • honduras
  • haiti
  • las bahamas
  • antigua y barbuda
  • ecuador
  • bolivia

EDIT: this list had originally included costa rica, but, as someone pointed out, the military pact that the US had started talking about w/costa rica’s government was never actually acted upon (“In June 2002 the United States signed an agreement with Costa Rica for an International Law Enforcement Academy, but popular movements have so far prevented the pact’s ratification. – [x]

#rape cw #murder cw #kidnapping cw #torture cw