b99 hiatus meme ¬ week four: favourite team moment 

Real Ray or Fake Ray? – “I will say a phrase. You tell me if I made it up or if it’s something that Captain Holt actually said in real life to an actual human being.”

[Caption: a gifset from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They are at the Beach House, all sitting around in the basement.

Jake (reading from a card): “The futility of lighting candles only to blow them out immediately is just one reason I find children’s birthday parties impractical.”
Charles: “Holt.”
Rosa: “That’s Holt.”
Gina: “Mm, fake.”
Terry: “I say fake too.”
Ray (shaking his head): “I don’t remember saying it, so it must be fake.”
Jake (gesturing for emphasis): “It was real! Oh! To Terry’s kids at their birthday party.”
Ray: “Oh, I remember now.” (raising his drink, excited) “Oh, do another one. Do another one.”
Jake (back to reading from a card): “All right, phrase number two: ‘Any smile that lasts longer than a second and a half is a con man’s ruse.’”
Everyone: “That’s fake.”
Ray (stone-faced): “I said it.” (standing up and grinning) “AND I MEANT IT!”]